Why You Need a Professional Headshot in 2021

First Impressions Count

Making a great “first impression” used to refer to meeting someone in person, but today, we often meet a person’s online persona before we ever meet them face to face. Actors send headshots to casting directors, professionals have headshots on their company’s website, and real-estate agents take headshots to the extreme by sticking their face on every piece of stationary possible. Why? Because they know that making the best possible first impression leads to starring roles, more sales, and open doors. 

A keen prospect is deciding whether to contact you or your competitor for your services. They haven’t met either one of you, so to help make the decision, they go to both your websites for more information. Your services and experience are similar, but, alas, the prospect goes with your competitor…

The deal breaker? It was that blurry, underexposed photo of you. The amateurish phone pic couldn’t compete with your competitor’s sharp, perfectly composed and beautifully lit headshot, taken by a professional photographer. That subtle first impression presuaded the prospect.

Your picture is a reflection of your professional image. Ask yourself, “What does my headshot say about me?”

Make a Connection

Us humans, we’re visual creatures, and your headshot plays an important role in connecting with your audience. People want to work with other people, not faceless corporations. A strong, professional headshot builds trust and rapport with your clients.

Interestingly, your headshot also makes you accountable, you’re putting your most recognisable feature into the world; your face. And that’s a good thing! It says you stand by your profession, you’re responsible, and you’re going to be here tomorrow, unlike some fly-by-night. In a way, your headshot is not only your identity but also your brand.

Be Seen and Stand Out

There are 7.8 billion people in this world, as of January 2021. A professional headshot separates you not only from your competition but from every other person with the same name as you. Your name might be the starting place on social media but once 30+ pages of results show up, your profile picture is the difference between being found, and being forgotten.

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