What to Wear: Headshot Dress Code

Diana Vreeland once said, “Wear the simplest thing you can to get your photo taken. It’s either a photo of your face or of your clothes, but it can’t be both.”

Wear Clothes You Feel Good In

The first step is to pick clothes that you feel comfortable and confident wearing, your favourites! The clothes should be appropriate and expected for the role or the profession you’re working in. If you’re planning to update or change your wardrobe before your photoshoot, wear the clothes a few times to make sure you’re happy with how everything fits. Simple clothes that compliment your look, rather than distract from it are your best choice. The headshot is about you after-all — not the clothes.

Bring Options

Always bring a few options, and if something isn’t working for whatever reason (fit, colour, style, etc.) it’s easy to try something else. Bring different colours, different neck-lines, you’ll never regret bringing too many options. It’s also a good idea to have everything prepared a few days earlier to avoid any unforeseen problems at the dry cleaner. 

What to Avoid

It’s best to avoid stripes and patterns that are close together, as they’ll sometimes produce an undesired moire effect. Shiny, reflective and fluorescent clothing typically doesn’t photograph well and distracts from the rest of the portrait. As for the types of tops and different neck-lines, there’s no hard and fast rules, it’s a case by case scenario. A cowl or turtle-neck might be perfect for one headshot but the absolute worst for another. Bring options!

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