Is Your Current Headshot Turning Away Clients?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your headshot could be turning away clients.

Your Headshot Is Low-Quality

This really shouldn’t be a surprise but low-quality headshots are a big turn off to clients that really want to work with you. Blurry, out-of-focus, dark, contrasty, low-resolution, I could go on and on, but these are just some of the characteristics you want to avoid in a headshot. 

It’s really surprising to me how many businesses have someone take a quick photo of everyone with no care for composition, lighting or purpose. Even children’s school photos from picture day are better than these. They would be better off not having a headshot at all. 

A professional headshot should be sharp, in-focus, with beautiful lighting that makes you look your best. The goal is to gain clients not give them reasons to go somewhere else.

The Headshot Style Doesn’t Match the Profession

You might be all dressed up at that wedding four years ago, it might even be a great photo of you. But unless you work in the wedding industry, that doesn’t make it a good choice for a professional. 

The style should match the profession, for example; a lawyer with law books behind them as a background, portrays them as very knowledgeable. A lawyer with a headshot cropped from a wedding photo, portrays them as someone that goes to weddings… instead of working on your case.

It might feel a little stereotypical at first but this is where leaning into to that stereotype really pays off. It’s something that late night television advertising has known for years!

Your Headshot Doesn’t Look Like You Anymore

No, any old photo won’t do. An old headshot, or one that doesn’t look like you anymore can feel misleading to clients. Updating your headshot every couple of years, or after big changes like a dramatic haircut, ensures that your image continues to build rapport and confidence with your clients. Don’t let yourself become a business that looks dated and out of touch.

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