How Many Headshots Do You Actually Need?

When Less Is More

Some photographers will offer hundreds of un-retouched photos from a photoshoot. While initially that might sound like great value, it’s actually passing the hard work back onto the client. It takes years of experience to get good at picture editing; The process of sorting through hundreds of images to find the greatest headshots while rejecting the images that’ll never have any use. That’s why after one of our photoshoots, the client can expect to see only the best of the best from their photoshoot. That begs the question, how many headshots do you actually need?

If You’re a Professional

At the very least, you need one amazing headshot that sends all the right messages to your clients. The headshot should visually tell clients how well you understand the industry, are you a professional or an amateur? Does your headshot make you look confident? How about approachable? 

For consistency, the same headshot should be used across all of your branding and marketing. Real estate agents are really good at this! You will continue to build rapport with your clients as they’re exposed to your professional headshot across websites, email signatures, booking platforms, and of course, social media, like LinkedIn and Instagram, etc.

If You’re an Actor

We recommend to have a few different expressions to suit a variety of roles that you may be interested in. A headshot with a natural expression is going to be your most versatile, however it’s best to match your headshot style subtly to the role. 

If it’s a comedic role for example, your natural expression might come across too serious so getting a range of lighter expressions is going to dramatically increase your chances with a casting director. It’s also worth considering completely different photographic styles to match those roles. If the role is for a villain, the lighting and background could be setup for a dark and moody headshot to match the ominous role. 

If you’re just starting out, it’s going to be cost-effective to get a couple of different expressions wearing the same outfit and under the same lighting and background (photographic style). 

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